REVIEW: Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Mosquito”

Originally published by Ladybud Magazine

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs fell short with 2008′s “It’s Blitz.” But, perhaps the expectations were too high, 2005′s “Show Your Bones” was a post-punk masterpiece bursting at the seems with raw emotion devoid of trend yet undeniably hip all at once. It’s a hard act to follow.

With the recent release of “Mosquito” it is clear the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have again harnessed their own breed of punk, rock and electronic.  They have created an incredible album that, while still youthful, has a sophisticated grown up feel to it– it’s no longer the sound of a band exploring or establishing an identity, it’s the sound of a band owning it.  Musically, it pulls from 90s alternative nostalgia, their own breed of NYC punk rock with hints of the electronica sound taking over the music scenes today.

And who doesn’t love front-woman Karen O? She is a totally outsider, unaffected by popular culture. In an interview with Believer Magazine she described the band as “the weird band, with weird songs with a female lead that somehow made it.”

To that effect, how many women-front rock bands get big these days without the focus being so much on their femininity? Not many, and her songs aren’t always about her gender, they are just songs sung by a woman.

And least of all to mention, man they have stage presence!

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