REVIEW: Kitten – Cut it Out EP

Originally published by Ladybud Magazine

Kitten is going to be a trend setter.

When I first heard this, I thought it could be some cool indie foreign band. It’s a blend of synth with just the right amount of nostalgic angst so many artists are trying to capture. The music is catchy but honest, effortless and soulful.

I was blown away to discover that Kitten‘s talented front woman, Los Angeles native Chloe Chaidez, is just 17, and wrote most of the music that comprises theCut it Out EP with her brother when she was just 16 and he was 18. The lyrics speak volumes beyond their ages; in fact, you have to forget they are that young and really just listen. They don’t just repurpose the musical-tech trends popular today to create mindless repetitive penetrating rifts, but rather, accentuate the true performance talent of Chaidez. (Chloe’s father Mike Chaidez was the drummer toThee Undertakers, a popular East LA punk band in the 80′s). The Cut it Out EP feels like the soundtrack to a suburban dystopia without getting so feminine that it turns off male  listeners.

The video for G# features her friends, the scheme and setting all hand-picked by Chaidez and filmed at the Salton Sea, near Los Angeles. Minus the overplayed Dia de los Muertos face paint that every hipster seems to be sporting intermittedly these days, she is clearly defining the youthful trends mainstream fashionistas will clearly be glomming onto soon.


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