REVIEW: Love Potion #9 by Wish Garden

Originally published by Ladybud Magazine

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine who specializes in natural beauty care products recommended I try an herbal tincture called Love



Potion #9 by Wish Garden. She assured me it wasn’t the cheap raging cock and swollen vagina pills you buy over the counter at liquor stores in seedy neighborhoods. No, this was for classy sex.

Love Potion #9 is about $10-$12 a bottle and made with natural ingredients: Passionflower, Hawthorn Fruit, Damiana, Cottonroot Bark, Cacao Nib and Orange Peel. Passionflower is a natural stress-reliever/relaxant. Hawthorn Fruit increases blood flow, which makes erections harder and female orgasms more intense. The primary active ingredient is Damiana, which is a natural aphrodisiac.

Since my using this product was for research first and foremost, I decided to try it alone. I took two dropperfuls in eight ounces of water before heading into the bedroom to masturbate. Love Potion #9 exceeded my expectations. I came three times and when I finally stood up I had to clutch the wall for a minute to regain my bearings. Needless to say, I continued my research well into the evening.

This tincture is effective for both men and women and contributes also to overall vitality. I definitely enjoyed using it with a partner as well but would recommend that first-time users go it alone to get familiar with the effect. Also, wait an hour or so after taking it, you eager beaver.

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