Thank You Anonymous, Whoever You Are

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Originally published at Ladybud Magazine

Thank you Anonymous, whoever you are.

Gone are the days where the public can be convinced to be afraid of you, because the public is you, you have compassion, a clear moral code and the ability to leave corrupt governments scrambling in your wake.

You bring justice to those that would have been swept under the rug, disappeared from popular culture and demonized in the media.

Thank you Anonymous for succeeding for a girl who was repeatedly failed by law enforcement, the criminal justice system and corporate media. 

KYAnonymous, hero.

KYAnonymous, hero.

Almost exactly a year ago, a nervous teenage girl got too drunk at a party. She was raped, humiliated and sexually assaulted. At just 16-years-old, she became the ping pong in a match of ideologies on how a woman should behave. The media cried fowl that the poor boys responsible, popular football players, would lose the opportunity to play college ball, they were sentenced to two years each.

They would have never been brought to any justice had not an Anonymous hacker,Deric Lostutter aka KYAnonymous, exposed how those boys not only raped her, but documented it on their cell phones. KYAnonymous now faces 10 years if convicted for hacking.


Thank you Anonymous, for taking on the Westboro Baptist Church, in a meaningful way while our media and government flippantly viewed their antics as entertainment.

While the nation quietly passes laws aimed at banning peaceful public protests, or arrests protestors for exercising this fundamental American right,  somehow we cannot prevent a Midwestern cult from picketing the funerals and mass burials of innocent children with the aim of eliminating homosexuals.

While corporate media has sensationalized the protests, adding the fuel of attention to a group concocted out of the psychological disorder of a man with a God complex and the raving thoughts of a schizophrenic, at best, you saw what mattered, the grieving families whose pain would go on much longer than a five-minute soundbite. You took action.

Thank you Anonymous, for pursuing justice for the many lives destroyed by Bank of America

Both a Democratic and Republican president gave public money to banks that committed widespread fraud and collapsed the economy onto the backs of people struggling to make it to the middle class, forcing more people out of the American Dream and into private prisons than anytime in history.

You continued to expose the facts the media won’t touch, you continued to fight for the little guy, who is stronger in numbers but weaker in power.

Thank you Anonymous for caring about the homeless, not villainizing them as lazy or deserving of their plight, but instead a symptom of the problems inherent in our pay-to-play economy, that is neither capitalist nor socialist. Thank you for living Occupy Wall Street, not just camping out and fighting with cops. “You can suppress people but not the idea of humanity and freedom.”

Thank you Anonymous for championing real revolution andcountering propaganda in Egypt. For restoring internet to war-torn Syria when the government tried to suppress it’s opposition by eliminating their communication. For effectively going after child pornographers

 Thank you Anonymous for being the fiercest defender of international free communication, by working to make sure all human beings have access to the information they seek, whatever it may be. 

Thank you Anonymous, whoever you are.

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