Upgrade your buzz, upgrade your life

Originally published by The Leaf Online

For the last 80 years, American nightlife has been dominated by alcohol. Social and professional minglings are amiss if they do not provide proper libations to grease conversation and ease social anxieties.

Now, however, US adults increasingly appreciate a good drink but remain wary of its side effects. Hangovers, brain damage, empty wallets, poisoning and bad decisions deter many from binge drinking, a bacchanalian disaster of social peer-to-peer interactions. And some of us never liked to imbibe at all.

Meanwhile, the oncoming tsunami of legal recreational states is rapidly approaching. In November 2012, Washington and Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana and have begun to lay the framework for an exciting legal industry where, thanks to Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent statement on federal interference, American ingenuity and creativity in business will be allowed to thrive.

With legal recreational use, we can expect to see a diverse set of businesses arise to meet the demands of a legal market, products that will change your lifestyle for the better.

Domestically produced hemp products will see a drop in price. Hemp, which is a non-psychoactive plant in the Cannabis family, can be used to create a variety of sustainable products: everything from biodegradable plastics, makeup and beauty products, building construction, clothing and fuel. The list is truly endless for all the incredible uses of hemp. As more states produce hemp domestically, not only will the price drop, but demand will also soar. Hemp products will truly alter the way we live and interact with our world in a globalized economy.

The medical and wellness possibilities are endless. With the end of federal prohibition in sight, more research will come to light to prove the efficacy of cannabinoids in regulating many ailments and their impacts on our day-to-day lives. The pharmaceutical industry has left a path of destruction in its wake, leading many to turn to natural and holistic medicines. Juicing non-psychoactive cannabis leaves with other fruits and veggies or incorporating cannabis-infused tinctures and salves into your wellness routine will be just one of many exciting and effective developments in cannabis medicines in a legal market.

Your nightlife will get way cooler, and so will your day life. In an America with legal marijuana, we will have options. Social gatherings don’t always have to be marred by bad choices anymore. Lounges and nightclubs dedicated to the consumption of marijuana will arise as a new, hip alternative to the bar. When today’s professionals share a good cup of tea or a juice over cannabis they will make deeper professional networks, and still have the ability to wake up the next morning motivated and productive.

The War on Drugs has cost Americans billions and has done nothing to benefit society; rather it has further marginalized the weakest among us. As an exciting legal industry arises, it becomes harder and harder to justify the war. So do the patriotic thing, and incorporate cannabis into every aspect of your lifestyle.

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