REVIEW: 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara

Originally published by Ladybud Magazine

Most mainstream mascaras are made with a petroleum base, yes petroleum as ingasoline. While they do a good job to perk up lifeless lashes, they can cause allergic reactions and actually slow down the growth of the hair follicle in your eyelid– meaning you need more of it. I have been looking for a good natural replacement for awhile but had basically given up, until I tried 100% Pure’s Black Tea Mascara.

100% Pure Black Tea Mascara $16

100% Pure Black Tea Mascara $16

I don’t think I have ever raved about how my mascara smells. As soon as I opened the tube I was blown away by the smell. It’s soft, clean and lovely– a nice reminder I am about to use a product made entirely out of plants I can pronounce the names of (black and green tea, vitamin e, beeswax and pigments derived blueberry, grape skins, pomegranate, acai berry, boysenberry, raspberry, cocoa, rosemary and thyme). It’s also guilt-free: it is 100% vegetarian, environmentally safe and ethically/sourced produced. They even regularly contribute to a whole lot of nonprofits too.

Not into the crunchy granola hippie make up? Then forget everything I just listed, let’s talk about it from a vanity standpoint. One coat of this mascara creates a soft darkness on your lashes with no clumping, as if you woke up this morning with beautifully long, dark, sultry eyelashes. Let the first coat dry, add a second and you have powerful evening eyes dramatic enough for the bar, a fancy dinner, a nightclub– a special night in. And, most important to me, it looks good and doesn’t feel crunchy, the vitamin E soothes the hair follicles so they are soft and supple not crunchy and flaking black shit everywhere.

It comes in a sleek tube that fits nicely into a pocket or small clutch, so it is easy to take with you. It comes in four colors: Black Tea, Blueberry, Blackberry and Dark Chocolate.

See more from 100% Pure, we absolutely are in love with everything they make at Ladybud!

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